Tampa Our City Radio Presents The Musician’s Mastermind Alliance

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Musician's Alliance 1/21/14

Musician’s Alliance 1/21/14

Local Musicians Unite at Hogan’s

Musicians and music lovers join together to bring into existence the Musician’s Alliance at Hogan’s Beach in Tampa!  The event provides an opportunity for artists and local businesses to share creative ideas and express concerns for their community.  Hogan’s Beach (owned by Hulk Hogan) has been kind enough to let us hold the event and provides us with great food, drinks, and a killer view of the bay!  Plus they always have great bands playing! Check out Hogan’s Beach!

The Musician’s Alliance Vision

Mario Vitali @ Musician's Mastermind Alliance

Mario Vitali @ Musician’s Mastermind Alliance

Tampa Our City Radio’s Network Manager, Mario Vitali is the mastermind of this marvelous event.  Guest speakers, great jams & networking is what this group is all about.  There will be new guest speakers and topics at each event.  Mario has created a private Facebook group for all the members to join.  The group will give everyone a chance to express ideas for future events.  The Musician’s Alliance will be held on a regular basis at Hogan’s Beach and all musicians, music lovers, promoters & local businesses are welcome!   You can request to join the group and see when the next event is @ Facebook!

With Tampa Our City Radio, local musicians and businesses have a great way to get exposure to the community !

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